A popular alternative

Using resource staffing is a popular option that has been used in the IT industry for a long time. Some of us call IT consulting which is exactly what it is.

Trust-IT offers you a flexible way to manage your internal IT environment. The range of the service is tailored to your needs and wishes according to the requirements of your company.

We value our customer relationship and therefore ensure that you get a primary and secondary technical contact person who is committed to your environment for the best possible service and availability at holidays and illnesses.

  • Client support
  • Security updates
  • Operating reliability
  • Installations
  • Configurations


Based on your needs


Three levels of skill profiles

We offer three levels of skill profiles depending on customer needs as well as different projects and advisory services such as:

  • Planning ahead of changes to the IT environment
  • Project management of major IT projects in areas such as network/communication and virtualisation
  • Consulting party for IT procurement
  • Write a functioning and adapted IT policy for your needs and requirements

User support

Our user technicians have broad expertise and can therefore help in most situations.
They are certified and trained to manage application issues with MS Office, virus attacks, smartphones to hardware problems with user computers.

  • At least 2 years’ experience
  • Trained in the field and can solve difficult problems with internal support
  • Good experience of general IT
  • Need supervision but can perform assigned tasks
  • User support

Server support

Our server technicians have long been working at our clients with environments that are typical for the segment. They are certified and trained to administer the operating systems and rectify faults proactively. They have many years of experience and work continuously with upgrades and migration projects.

  • At least 4 years’ experience
  • High degree of general and specialist skills
  • Carried out a number of tasks with very high quality and with many years’ experience as a consultant in their field
  • Responsible for their working field and tasks. Works independently to set targets and information
  • Server Deployment and Management

System support

A system technician has in-depth knowledge of their main fields and has worked and completed several major tasks.

System technicians think solution-oriented and see the bigger picture in order to be able to offer you, the client, functional solutions.

  • At least 8 years’ experience
  • Specialised in one /several fields with cutting edge skills
  • Worked as a consultant for at least eight years and specialist in your field for several years
  • Can take on a leading role to be solely responsible for a task or objective. Can convey and teach knowledge that raises the competence of company personnel
  • Works proactively with system management and system design
  • System design, networks and communications

First class support!

At our service desk, experienced and trained technicians are ready to help you directly by phone.
We solve 93% of all cases at the first contact, while the industry standard is 80%.
We know it's a high number but it's our reality.

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