Cloud services

IT operation is our business

IT operation is the area we are specialized in and also have great expertise in. The fact that a business has an IT environment that meets their needs and maximizes the solution, both streamlines and simplifies the everyday life.

Trust-IT Cloud Services is an expression and collective name for our cloud services where the customer purchases all or part of their IT operations as an outsourced service.

Our service portfolio holds a large number of operating services where you buy one or more services – or contracted features. Delivery always takes place from our server halls, or from other suppliers via us, which is often referred to as hybrid cloud or hybrid operation.

A secure and stable platform is required for all businesses to run their applications and files. Therefore, our server halls are updated with the latest platform and latest technologies with the best security solutions.


Remote Desktop Services

Virtual Private Server


Office 365

Which cloud service is right for you?

We offer many types of cloud services with everything from simple Office 365-services to major “All Inclusive” solutions such as Trust-IT Cloud Services.

“Cloud” can be a big and sometimes diffuse concept, we’ll be happy to help you figure out what cloud service your business needs.