Threats from cyber space

Did you know that there are thousands of new discoveries of so-called Ransomware every day?
One of the largest, WannaCry, reached companies all over the world therefore monitoring your IT systems is an absolute must have.

Many people ask themselfes why their data would be so interessting? In fact, it does not matter whatsoever what the data contains. It may be PDF files, pictures or movies for instance that the virus encrypts and locks. What the hackers are looking for in the end are your money.
“Ransomware” got it´s name because they want a solvency (ransom) to unlock your files and documents again.

When the virus is detected, the hackers quickly build it up in a different way so that they can continue to infect even more computers and therefore it is extra important to have a program that recognizes a behavioral pattern for these “worms” and work proactively

Antivirus from WithSecure

Cryptolockers, phishing and identity theft are part of everyday life nowadays and everyone going onto the net without taking the correct measures are vulnerable.

WithSecure currently have the absolute best solutions on the market to protect and manage all your devices such as computers, smartphones and servers. This product has also won the “best protection” award 4 years in a row by AV-test.

Our work for Axstores

Among other things, Trust-IT has been entrusted with delivering and installing a complete Antivirus solution to all stores at Åhléns, Kicks and Lagerhaus.

The installation has been done on 700 Windows clients, 175 servers and more than 2000 cash register systems.

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