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With Remote Desktop Services, which is included in the Trust-IT Cloud Services collective name, you are purchasing IT from Trust-IT as a service. You pay a fixed monthly price based on the number of users and which programs you have chosen to be included in the service.

Work where you are. Remote Desktop Services allows the user to work from his computer via remote desktop, anywhere geographically, the computer connects over the Internet and uses the built-in software. User Identity determines which programs and information the respective users have access to. If your company has multiple offices, you will not have trouble with data storage, servers, etc. in several locations.

Based on the user connecting to his system via Remote Desktop Services,  the environment will always look the same wherever the user is located anywhere in the world. The user is also independent of specific hardware and can basically use any hardware to reach his central system.

Operational availability and security are important to you as a customer, and of course also to us as a supplier. Based on that, we monitor your operating environment around the clock (24/7/365).


Sit back and let us do the rest

The service gives you as an entrepreneur a professional IT solution, built to suit your needs at a fixed monthly cost.

You can comfortably and effortlessly access all your systems, wherever you are. We make sure everything is functioning and monitor systems around the clock.
All you need is a computer and an internet connection, we’ll take care of the rest.

Work where
you are

Remote Desktop Services allows the user to work from his computer anywhere with internet access.
User Identity determines which programs and information the respective users have access to. After logging in to the operating environment, the service is experienced in the same way if you work in New York or at the office.

Predictable costs

Budgeting the business’s IT operating costs is very easy thanks to Remote Desktop Services. The cost is based on users and follows the number of users the business has.
You do not have to invest in your own IT operating platform such as servers and backup. The need for own staff for operating and maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

Same IT operating platform

If the business has multiple offices, Remote Desktop Services solves the common problem with multiple local operating platforms.

All users work towards the same central operating environment. No need for servers either at the local office or at the headquarters.


All information is stored and handled in Trust-IT´s operating environment located in our server hall. The operating environment is the heart of our business and is therefore well taken care of. Supervised, equipped with spare power, redundant operating platform.
Our processes follow the ITIL standard.

Which companies can benefit from Remote Desktop Services?

We have clients in most industries such as finance, health care, commerce, real estate, parking, consulting, etc.

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