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Trust-IT’s ambitions are to help companies get the greatest possible business benefit from the services we deliver with as little starting distance as possible.

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We have divided our services into three sections.

Cloud Services

IT operations and cloud services are the area we specialize in and also have great expertise in. That you as a customer have an IT environment that meets your needs and that you can use your solution to the maximum, both streamlines and simplifies your everyday life.

Trust-IT Cloud services is another expression and collective name for our cloud services where you as a customer buy all or large parts of your IT operations as an outsourced service.

Our service portfolio contains a large number of operational services where you buy one or more services or agreed functions. Delivery always takes place from our server halls, or from other suppliers via us, – what is often called a hybrid cloud or hybrid solution.

A secure and stable platform is required for all the company’s operations to be able to use their programs and files, therefore our server halls are always updated with the most modern platform and the latest technologies with the best security solutions.

Remote desktop

With Remote Desktop Services, which is included in the Trust-IT Cloud Services collective name, you are purchasing IT from Trust-IT as a service. You pay a fixed monthly price based on the number of users and which programs you have chosen to be included in the service.


Just think of the times you’ve lost all your contacts in your phonebook – then replace the phonebook with your economic system, customer records, quotations, procurements, mail, etc.
What will your company performance be like if all this information is lost?


Servers come with complete perimeter protection and can be customized to suit your needs in terms of processing power, internal memory and hard drive space, which makes it suitable for all companies, large and small.

Application Deployment

Each application has its own requirements on the underlying technology.
Some need high server performance and large storage space, and others are more dependent on fast and efficient bandwidth.

Whatever your requirements, we can ensure that your application receives all it needs.

Microsoft 365

With help from Microsoft 365, we create a modern workplace for your company where you always work in the latest version of the Office package with access to email and file storage. 


Trust-IT’s Consulting Services are perfect for those of you who need specialist skills but prefer to avoid recruiting your own staff.

We prioritize flexibility, all our services is excellent to be scaled and customized to your needs and requirements.


Our HelpDesk is staffed with English speaking technicians. We also provide support in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish.


Using resource staffing is a popular option that has been used in the IT industry for a long time. Some of us call IT consulting which is exactly what it is.

Development and programming

Trust-IT’s experience of development and programming stretches back to our start in 1997, which has given us an excellence in application development, web pages, reservation systems, e-commerce systems, etc.

Other Services

A collection of services to cover most needs you may have to improve your business.

Network monitoring

Monitoring your IT systems is a must and especially in larger organisations with your own IT and complex environments.
It gives you and your IT department proactivity, control and the ability to act long before possible problems have caused any damage.


F-secure currently have the absolute best solutions on the market to protect and manage all your devices such as computers, smartphones and servers.

F-Secure has also won the “best protection” award 4 years in a row by AV-test.

Anti Spam

By having your e-mail pass first through our spam filters, it is ensured that no spam can be delivered directly to your server without first being checked in our filters.

IT Management System

World class IT management systems, one of our most popular areas is the IT management system from ManageEngine.
They are one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to management systems. Their product catalogue is impressive to say the least as well as their customer stock.


Of course, the requirements on a network vary a lot when current businesses operate in very different terms, you may have a high network load because of heavy traffic in the form of large files continuously being transferred over the web and then require a faster speed.

Or perhaps you even have sensitive information that needs an extra layer of protection. Regardless of the challenge, the network is a critically important part of every business.


Choosing WordPress as editing tool (CMS) for your website has never been more right. WordPress is user-friendly, flexible, secure and constantly on the rise.


With TimeOrganizer, employees easily report their work time no matter where they are or in a particular location.

The reports are sent directly to the administration, which in turn does not need to collect handwritten paper reports and miss no billable time.

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At our service desk, experienced and trained technicians are ready to help you directly by phone.
We solve 93% of all cases at the first contact, while the industry standard is 80%.
We know it's a high number but it's our reality.

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