Wifi and Firewall as a service

We know networks and how we can make it safe for you as a company

Of course, the requirements on a network vary a lot when current businesses operate in very different terms, you may have a high network load because of heavy traffic in the form of large files continuously being transferred over the web and then require a faster speed.

Or perhaps you even have sensitive information that needs an extra layer of protection. Regardless of the challenge, the network is a critically important part of every business.

Some networking products

Trust-IT provides, among other, one of the best firewalls on the market directly from Cisco and configures it to your needs. We are also responsible for administration and monitoring so that you can always be sure it is functioning correctly.

Cisco firewalls allow us to also operate remotely, meaning you as a customer do not need to wait for us to come out to you.

Access points

Access points are used in a network to ensure that coverage of the wireless network is optimized.

This can be very useful in large premises if it has thick walls, etc.
Access points that extend the basic signal from the source are often put up on walls and ceilings, and are not very large at all.


Firewalls are used to protect your network from external threats. An active firewall examines all in and outgoing traffic and look for anomalies.

Firewalls are configurable for different purposes but are an important cornerstone for both private individuals and businesses.


A switch sends traffic to the correct addresses within the network. A consumer router often have a simpler integrated switch with restrictions which can lead to problems when traffic increases. It is always a good idea to start with an enterprise switch from the outset to minimize future problems.

Bottlenecks in your network

Often the problem is hardware, consumer products are not made to be in a workplace but they are often found in there anyway and then forms a bottleneck in the entire network. It does for example not matter if you have a very fast network behind the line if you have a router that can´t distribute and manage traffic properly. It is no coincidence that we work with Cisco on these issues, their products are by far the market leader and gives us the confidence to always be able to quickly help our clients without necessarily being physically present.

Central firewall function in server hall

This means that your data traffic is sent through Trust-IT’s own redundant firewall that is run from our state-of-the-art server halls in Stockholm.

The firewall is monitored, updated and configured on a daily basis by our engineers to meet all security threats and provide you with the best possible protection.
Alternatively, you as a customer can run your own firewall from our operating environment.

Dedicated firewall (per local office)

A dedicated firewall is a firewall that is situated in your premises and can be adapted completely to your needs.

If you would like to have several different sets of rules, you can also have a number of virtual firewalls on the same hardware in order to make each part of the
network as flexible and useful as possible.

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