E-mail spam filtering

Cisco Ironport

We can help you get less spam

Ironport requires no installation or software on your server. All that is needed is a change of your DNS and e-mail server.

By having your e-mail pass first through our spam filters, it is ensured that no spam can be delivered directly to your server without first being checked in our filters.

It only takes about 10 minutes to get started with our spam filter and anti-virus. You will, of course, receive help to get going and after that, it will all take care of itself.

Cisco, much more than just email protection

We are proud of having had a long partnership and cooperation with Cisco. They are the world-leading technology company when it comes to communication and development.

We are more than happy to recommend their switches, routers, access points, firewalls and many other products to our clients. The reason is simple: we know that Cisco always gives us products of the best quality that our engineers can work with in their sleep and are always at the cutting edge of technology development.

We have been proud partners of Cisco for many years

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