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Trust-IT is a professional and reliable IT partner with over 20 years in service.
Our goal is to simplify your business life.

Microsoft 365

The modern workplace for your company!


First class support!


We know development and programming!

We cover your IT needs

Cloud services

IT operations and cloud services are the area we specialize in and also have great expertise in.

Consulting services

Perfect for those of you who need specialist skills but like to avoid recruiting your own staff.

Other Services

A extensive collection of services to cover most needs you may have to improve your business.


A selection of our partners

The partners and suppliers we use are not selected by chance. We have chosen to work with market leading suppliers and partners that we know keep what they promise. This means we can also be sure to keep what we promise when we recommend solutions to our customers.

A selection of our customers

We have clients in most industries such as finance, health care, commerce, real estate, parking, consulting, etc.


First class support!

At our service desk, experienced and trained technicians are ready to help you directly by phone.
We solve 93% of all cases at the first contact, while the industry standard is 80%.
We know it's a high number but it's our reality.

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