Rental forms

– Multiple possibilities. You choose.

Trust-IT offers three different options to rent lecture rooms: normal, long-term or flexible rent.
You choose which one is right for your company and its needs. Below you can read more about what the various rental forms entail.

Normal rental

Normal rental, having your own lecture rooms is costly and takes time to administer.
Let us manage it for you, so you can focus on the interesting bit. Together, we will fix the best solution for just your needs.

Long-term rental

We can offer long-term rental to companies that need to dispose of one or more lecture rooms for longer continuous periods.
The room is yours for the entire rental period and you will have it entirely at your disposal.
Either use our technical equipment or you can equip the lecture room with your own.

Flexible rental

Flexible rental means you “subscribe” to one or more lecture rooms for an extended period but this period does not have to be continuous.
Since this rental form offers a very favourable discount on the training costs, it becomes cheaper the more often you rent.
Another advantage is that we have the possibility of making a copy of the computers’ basic installation and then saving it on one of our servers.
This copy can be used later to re-create at short notice a hall with your latest settings and software.