We work with all the market leading suppliers in licence management such as Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Manage Engine, F-Secure and many more.
Our long experience has given us a large industry network, which means that we have access to specialists at all the companies, so we can
help you find the absolutely ideal option for your business.

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Which licence is best for me?

Depending on which type of solution it is, there are also one or two things to think about.
Certain services have licence lists with several hundred alternatives and others offer payment methods where you can both bind yourself and lose money unnecessarily unless you watch out.


It can be extra favourable if you know how the coming year will look like for your staff turnover, then you can subscribe for a licence form that actually means you save several thousands a year.

You can easily increase your self-awareness by asking a few simple questions:

  • What expectations do we have on the new solution and what problems do we want it to solve?
  • How many of us need access to the solution?
  • Do we have different types of user groups within our organisation?
  • What different functions does each user group need?
  • How our workforce will develop during the next 12 months?