Development and programming

Trust-IT’s experience of development and programming stretches back to our start in 1997, which has given us an excellence in application development, web pages, reservation systems, e-commerce systems, etc.

Throughout the years, we have worked with several large companies such as Birka Cruises, Samsung, LensWay, Convini, Gotlandsflyg and Åhléns, but also many smaller companies.

Some of our development clients/cases


1999 -

2001 - Gotlands Flyg

2004 - Åhlens

2007 - Birka Cruises

2008 - Dafo Brand

2010 - Convini

2013 - TimeOrganizer

2014 - VikingLine

2015 - APCOA

2016 - Samsung

2017 - Signalisten

Agile and scalable

All our development projects are done using agile system development because it is the most flexible and best way to work with system development.

Agile system development is taking one small step at a time and working with partial deliveries throughout the project. Regular reconciliation is carried out and continuous dialogue held between customer and the client for the end result to be as good as possible.

Some of our development projects

At present, we are working with, among other things, the development of a logistics system for Samsung.
Their old system was written in traditional ASP without any links or documentation. The new system is now written in .NET C# with links to SAP.
The purpose of the development of the system was to give Samsung better control and ordering tools for event material.
Trust-IT updated the system and made a number of improvements, which have been received very well and in turn has led to Samsung England also wanting to use the system.

In 2010 we started the project with Convini, where we had the task of building a application for handling mailings.
After a successful result, Trust-IT received continued trust and since then has had a close cooperation in all Convini’s development projects.
Among other things, a web portal has been made to amalgamate their internal systems together with a payment platform for the management of card payment, lunch and national coupons, an inventory tool for shops and also card registration online.

At present, Trust-IT is performing a merger of order systems, inventory systems and a proprietary payment system with the aim to ensuring all components can be
handled from a mobile platform in the field.


We have developed a new intranet for Bostadsstiftelsen Signalisten. It is built with WordPress as a platform and completely adapted to Signalisten according to their requirements and needs.

The intranet will be used by all employees, about 50 persons, but also their hosts and serve as a daily helper regardless of role within the company.

At their intranet, they will find documents and tools to facilitate and drive the daily work and forward information within the organization.

Since 2015, Trust-IT has an overall responsibility for Europark / APCOA Parking’s IT environment but we also do some development projects.

The last one is based on that APCOA realized that they put way too much time on producing copies of the parking receipts to customers. APCOA is responsible for many of the major car parks in Sweden and demand for copies is very high.

Our developers at Trust-IT has now developed a solution to automate this. The customer can now go to their website and fill in their details and subsequently get a copy of their receipt.

The goal of the mission from APCOA’s side was to reduce the workload of their employees and to offer a better service to their customers.