– Virtual private server

Servers as a service, all included and you pay a fixed price per month

Servers come with complete perimeter protection and can be customized to suit your needs in terms of processing power, internal memory and hard drive space, which makes it suitable for all companies, large and small.

There is the option of complementing with additional services, such as backup management and optional Internet capacity, as well as any type of operative system, etc.

With Terminal Server and/or VPN installed, there is an additional cost for the specific software that will be required by the client. This applies to everything from different browsers to Office package, etc.

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Our VPS solutions offer you:

  • Maximum security
  • Tailored capacity
  • Tailored performance
  • Scalable both up and down as needed
  • Everything can be stored in two server halls in Sweden

Always available

Cost Saving

Complete support

Environmentally friendly

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Nybergs bageri VPS sverige
Nybergs bageri VPS sverige
Kakelpalatzet VPS server sverige
Kakelpalatzet VPS server sverige
Acompany VPS server sverige
Acompany VPS server sverige