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Just think of the times you’ve lost all your contacts in your phonebook – then replace the phonebook with your economic system, customer records, quotations, procurements, mail, etc.
What will your company performance be like if all this information is lost?

The demand for smart, cheap and effective backup is increasing.
Many backup solutions may seem similar and it is easy to fixate on the price tag.
But a large part of the cost is not here and it is the restore time instead that costs, that is to say:
How long does it take from the mishap until work can be resumed and everything is working fine again?

This can vary greatly between different underlying technologies and should be an important factor for you as a customer when you procure a backup solution.
Trust-IT offers you the customer both one of the lowest GB prices and fastest restore times.

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Backup is today a necessary insurance for your business

Today, it is considered to be best practice to also store a so-called “second location backup”. This means that you save an additional copy at a different geographic location, or in the cloud. This provides excellent protection against both digital and physical threats such as fire, power failure, etc.


Storing data in several places also provides additional security in case a copy becomes corrupt and cannot be restored due to viruses or errors in the software. A good advice is to have regular restorage tests to ensure the backup is intact, because it can sometimes be sufficient for just one
part of the copy to be corrupt to prevent anything of value being recreated.


Online Backup also makes the copies at block level, which separate the different parts of the copy and makes the storage considerably more secure and can be re-read much easier.

Our backup:

  • Supports both physical and virtual machines
  • Global source-side deduplication – 60-80% compression
  • Compatibility with both Windows and Linux systems
  • Support for backup of multiple sites (controlled centrally)
  • Backup on a block level
  • Tape functionality
  • Virtual standby (Failover)
  • Possibility of real-time replication (RHA)

60-80% data compression

Set and forget solution

Award-winning technology

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