Domain management

Management of domain names is elatively complicated with many players in the market and it can be difficult to keep track of what is applicable in the industry. We want to simplify that.

We have domain management as an additional service to our other services, where we are responsible for:

  • ensure that all customer domains has been correctly registered holder.
    move all domains to elect registry.
  • use Domaininfo the global registry for all domains other than .com. Trust-IT is not representative for IIS, but uses its own registry account of the IIS for all .se domains that our customers use.
  • move control of DNS for the domain to the Trust It’sa DNS servers.
  • pay annual record keeping cost to the registry.
  • to zone DNS servers and update DNS information if the customer want us to.
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HTTPS ssl certifikat

Time to fix SSL certificate for your website!

In January this year, Google started their job towards getting as many sites as possible to increase the security for their visitors. From this October they take it one step further and will now display all http pages as “not secure”.

Web hosting

We offer three different web hosting packages: “Start”, “Standard” and “Pro”. Just so that you can select the web hotel that best suits your objectives and needs.