Our vision and business concept

Trust-IT’s business concept is to create better conditions for its customers’ success, using solution-based thinking and keeping the greater picture in mind. We simplify your business life.


We are on the forefront of proactive, secure and stable IT operations. Our employees receive continuous training so our clients always have access to the best the market has to offer. Our methods are based on supporting clients in the whole or parts of the change and development process. We also take a long-term responsibility for the solutions that we helped to create with different administrative tasks.

Highest possible credit rating

Trust-IT Sweden AB belongs to the exclusive group that has good or highest credit rating in Sweden. All Swedish companies are valued continuously by AAA Soliditet AB regarding financial stability and solvency. The data is based on over 2,400 decision parameters and results are reported in the form of a rating code.
We are one of few companies in our sector that has maintained the highest credit rating through the last few years, which we are extremely proud of.