Stable since 1997

Trust IT was founded in 1997 based on the idea of being able to offer customers a complete IT service, where we are our customers’ IT department. Our focus was to be a personalised presence, responsible and proactive and our goal was for us to take responsibility for the customer’s IT environment and development, regardless of whether it involved technology or application developments.


The concept proved to be good for both the customer and us, as a company; and it is something we have continued to refine. The result has been a long-term partnership, where we, together with our customers, have always been at the forefront of technology that benefits our customer’s operations.


Part of the Trust-IT vision has always been to be a stable, robust company that clients can rely on, in thick and thin. This is one of the reasons we have done so well and were stable during the IT crash in the beginning of 2000, when many enterprises prioritised growth before solidity, and sadly disappeared from the market.


It has always been our intention to responsibly scale our business and always have the customers’ best interest in focus, which has given us both the expertise and competence, within IT and business expansion, that is our foundation, today.

A company on the march

Today we are more stable than ever, with a mix of experienced managers, technicians and developers, we have ambitious girls and boys in all departments that do not want nothing more than to learn new things in their field.

Our expertise speaks for it self and through our customers, where some have been with us since the start in 1997, others where we have gained renewed and increased confidence such as Samsung. At Samsung we take care of networking, communications and server responsibility for their Swedish operations and from July 2016, we are proud to announce that we will also manage their Nordic operations. This has enabled us to employ even more skilled technicians and opened branch offices in Norway, Denmark and Finland.

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