Environmental Policy

In Trust-IT Sweden AB, we’re always thinking about the environment. Our goal is to be prominent concerning environmental issues in all business operations. We always strive to offer ergonomic and safe workplaces, protect the environment and preserve energy and natural resources.


For example:

  • Involve staff and customers in environmental issues with continuous information
  • Offer primarily our customers environmentally sound products
  • Work actively for continuous improvements in environmental issues throughout our business
  • Always follow laws and regulations and if possible exceed them
  • Work for ecocycling and the environmentally sound destruction
  • All employees are expected to follow policy. All of the possible environmental and safety or health risks are reported to the responsible manager, who is expected to take action.

Tripple Green

Trust-IT is proud to have the Triple Green-marking on all our cloud services.

Triple Green is an uncompromising environmental marking. No nonsense – just climate smart.
1. Electricity from renewable energy sources
2. The heat from the servers is collected and used for heating
3. Heating replaces other types of energy resulting in a total saving