30 June, 2016 Adi

TimeOrganizer family grows

Now we are launching another app to TimeOrganizer time reporting, with a central check-in feature for your workplace.

We now makes it even easier to report time worked. TO check-in with GPS and smartphone does not fit all companies, therefore we will launch an further app shortly  – TimeOrganizer Stamp. It makes it possible for multiple users to be checked on the same device at the same time. Install the app on a tablet which is placed in eg entrance or reception. Users can easily check in / out during the day with a personal PIN code.

Through the administration of the app, you can also quickly and easily add subcontractors and other more “temporary” staff.

Excellent options for:

  • Users without smartphones
  • Users who do not want to report with his private mobile
  • Companies that do not want to have to buy into job mobiles
  • Companies thinking about ID06 but do not want ID cards and card readers
  • Companies working with subcontractors, substitutes or other temporary staff
  • Companies requiring additional staff